Honey made by Petton Preserves

Petton Preserves produce jams, preserves, chutneys and jellies in small batches with a diverse range of flavours, made with produce sourced from it's own Victorian Walled garden, together with other locally sourced ingredients and uses no artificial additives, preservatives, colours or thickeners.

We demand the highest quality, good value for money and great taste for all our customers whatever differing palates they may have. Petton Preserves also offers runny and set honey that has subtle and mellow overtones within its innovative collection of products.


A subtle runny honey for the honey monster in us all. Great with toast, croissants or used in recipes.
Available: 275g & 1lb jars



Having initially bought honey in from a dear friend who is a beekeeper, he talked me in to having hives in my own walled garden. I am now up to 7 hives and growing.

I love the "buzz" when I walk in to a garden full of fruit and veg with our little busy bees helping us out. He is still helping me learn about everything to do with bees and honey, which seems to be endless, but now I can say that I have my own Petton Honey - both runny and set, which goes down very well with the locals, together with the other local honey I am still sourcing in from him with gorgeous flavours ranging from citrus and minty to the strong traditional flavoured honey.