Jams made by Petton Preserves

Damson & Christmas Spice

Rich, full-flavoured damsons sourced from Petton Hall's historic Victorian walled garden, blended with warm spices that remind you of Christmas with every mouthful.
Available: 240g & 325g jars

Gooseberry & Ginger
A sharp gooseberry flavour with a hint of ginger to tickle your taste buds.
Available: 240g & 325g jars

Apple Pie
Tastes just like apple pie on toast...or could be a cheat to make the filling for a real Apple Pie.
Available: 240g & 325g jars

Summerberry & Vanilla

A sweet jam recipe using delicious strawberries and raspberries together with vanilla - perfect with toast or croissants.
Available: 240g & 325g jars

Simply Raspberry

Just raspberries - simple but truly delicious. Nothing taken out -why take out seeds.... they are the beauty of berries!
Available: 240g & 325g jars


A mix of sweet and sharp using sweet raspberries and sharp gooseberries.
Available: 240g & 325g jars

Blackcurrant & Lavender

A strong blackcurrant flavour tinged with subtle overtones of lavender.



Petton Preserves produce jams, preserves, chutneys and jellies in small batches with a diverse range of flavours, made with produce sourced from it's own Victorian Walled garden, together with other locally sourced ingredients and uses no artificial additives, preservatives, colours or thickeners. We demand the highest quality, good value for money and great taste for all our customers whatever differing palates they may have.
Petton Preserves also offers runny and set honey that has subtle and mellow overtones within its innovative collection of products.