Chutneys made by Petton Preserves

Petton Preserves produce jams, preserves, chutneys and jellies in small batches with a diverse range of flavours, made with produce sourced from it's own Victorian Walled garden, together with other locally sourced ingredients and uses no artificial additives, preservatives, colours or thickeners. We demand the highest quality, good value for money and great taste for all our customers whatever differing palates they may have.

Petton Preserves also offers runny and set honey that has subtle and mellow overtones within its innovative collection of products.

Carrot with a Kick

Award winning, 'Carrot with a Kick' uses finely grated carrots marinated in a mix of flavoursome spices that tantalise your taste buds with a 'kick' that is not too overpowering...but definitely makes your go 'ooohh'.
Available: 240g & 325g jars

Beetroot, Apple & Garlic

A subtle chutney - Delicious with mild cheeses and cold meats.’

Available: 215g & 290g jars

Petton Pickle

A rich chutney / pickle that is crammed full of flavour, using a mix of courgette's, raisins, sultanas, vegetables and spices that taste great with cheese and cold meats.
Available: 250g & 330g jars

Tangy Towerberry

Delicious tangy chutney using gooseberries as its main ingredient - tastes great with curries or strong cheeses.
Available: 225g & 300g jars

Spicy Tomonion

A deliciously flavoursome chutney  prepared as a perfect accompaniment to cheese, using a blend of Red onions, plum tomatoes and a delayed rising heat of chilli – a must on any cheese board.